Built Green

Q. Do you only build on lots that you sell?

A. No, MF Williams will build on any lot you own or are purchasing within Kittitas County.

Q.  What cost per square foot should I anticipate paying?

A. Currently our homes start around $170 per square foot with a typical range of $165 to $200 per square foot. However, we are experienced in constructing homes well above the average.

Q.  What is a custom home?

A. Some people believe a custom home has to be expensive which isn’t always true. Any style of home can be custom built, from a mansion full of expensive fixtures and materials to an economical cabin. The similarity is the features are specified by the homeowners, rather than by the contractor. A fully custom home is designed and built to match your individual lifestyle. It combines your dreams and heart's desires with the property of your choice and is tailored to your budget.

Q.  How will you assure the quality of labor completed by the sub-contractors?

A. In selecting sub-contractors, our emphasis is on the quality of their work and their ability to understand and execute the particular tasks that will be required for your home. Before choosing a contractor we check the quality of his work on his job sites and obtain a current certificate of insurance. Our project managers do not simply send contractors to the job. We work with them to set-up their portion of the work. As the job progresses, we continue to inspect, advise, and assist them in resolving problems. In addition, we provide liaison services between the various contractors, suppliers, inspectors and homeowners.

Q.  How do you handle change order requests during construction?

A. Once construction begins requests received will be quoted and submitted to the client for approval prior to the work commencing.

Q.  What protection is provided to guard me against cost overruns?

A. MF Williams locks in as many construction items as possible. The other areas are allowances based on material costs and homeowner selections.

Q.  Does MF Williams offer a home warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a one year from date of occupancy warranty. During this period we will track, manage, and complete any warranty work required.